Incinerated Gods


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Roughly one year after their acclaimed debut full-length, Swiss black metal mongers VUYVR deliver their new offering "Incinerated Gods". On these four lengthy tracks, the band pursues the style previously developed on "Eiskalt", paying their dues to traditional black metal while sticking to the unusual approach you can expect from these hardcore/post-metal veterans (members of Impure Wilhelmina, Rorcal...). These recordings also serve to pass the torch between drummers, the three first songs introducing new hitter Bastien (Lost Sphere Project), while the closing track stands as the last song recorded with Roderic Mounir (Knut). Cold, brutal and melodic, this live-recorded EP is another testimony of VUYVR's raw power, making the band standing apart from their contemporaries.

- Incinerated Gods -
1. Spring of The Jordan
2. Hate is a Black Hole
3. Infected Water
4. Devoured

• Recorded live in Geneva, April 13, 2014
• Mixed and mastered by Jean-Philippe Schopfer

- Devoured -
• Recorded live in Geneva, December 15, 2013
• Bass recorded in Brussels, January 12, 2014
• Mixed by David Moro
• Mastered by Serge Morattel

• All songs by Vuyvr - -
• Design by Julien Diels
• Co-release Throatruiner Records & Blastbeat Mailmurder
• 12" clear vinyl 45rpm - 500 ex.


released June 26, 2014



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VUYVR Geneva, Switzerland

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Track Name: Spring of the Jordan
You call it love
Miracle of life
Joy fountain
I call it emptiness

You call it faith
Miracle of God
Joy fountain
I call it emptiness

Living in disgrace and trouble
Feeling like betrayed and murdered
Heart and soul are dead and gone
My blood, spring of the Jordan
I want to kill and want to die
I want to rape and love for the first time
Heart and soul are dead and gone
My blood, spring of the Jordan

Baptize and flow into the Dead Sea
Baptize and dry out
Track Name: Hate is a black hole
I demand a massive
Of the nihilistic pigs
The priests of post-modernity

Hate is a black hole
Hate is a black hole
Hate is a black hole

I summon the ashes
Of incinerated Gods
To cover and erase the world
All creatures must starve
Hate is a black hole
And we're hidden behind his event horizon
The point of no return
That you will reach soon my friend

The eye is closed
The eye enclosed the world

The eye is swallowed
The eye is swallowed
So is the world
Track Name: Infected water
How can I carry
So much anger
And be considered
As a human being?

The brightest star
The highest mountain
The wildest forest
The deepest sea

I will kill
For my Lebensraum
Murder, grace

I hold a dagger
I see you bleed
I see your liver
And all I need

Is to witness
That while you're leaving
You understand
That death means nothing

Is to witness
That while you're dying
I understand
That there is only

A gruesome animal
An ugly tree
Infected water
Track Name: Devoured
Blinded by shadows
Deafened by thunderous silence
Our faith and our beliefs were proven wrong
And now we stumble and fall

We followed the gifts of the ground
We followed the wandering stars but there's

Nothing above
There's nothing below
Nothing, there's nothing beyond
And we are devoured
From the inside by confusion and anger